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True Commitments

At True Lacrosse, nothing is more rewarding than seeing our players realize their dreams and gain entry to the college or university of their choice to continue their lacrosse career. We are tireless in our efforts to guide our players to achieving this goal, and our players are equally committed to their game and their education. Below is the list of True Lacrosse players who have gone on to play at the collegiate level.

Historical Past Committed Players

2023 Commitments

Chloe Bowers - University of Massechusetts-Lowell DI
Alyssa Lowe - Central Michigan University DI
Abbi Rupnow - Mercer University DI

2022 Commitments

Jill Dennison - GVSU DII
Marissa Zeno - Louisville DI
Ysabel Pakowski - Detroit Mercy DI
Taylor Meltzer - Lincoln Memorial University DII
Alyssa Jameson - Mercyhurt University DII
Kelly Anderson - Central Michigan University DI
Ellie Berg - Westminster College DII
Isabella Palmer - Sawnee: The University of the South DIII
Elle Duhig - Central Michigan University DI
Samanatha Balara - Xavier University DI
Noemi Ramierez - Regis University DII
Molly Janssen - Xavier University DI
Julia Kogan - Xavier University DI
Bella Swanson - Queens University of Charlotte DII
Brooke Kielczynski - North Central College DIII
Delaney Hanson - Davenport University DII

2021 Commitments

Serafina DeMunno - Northwestern University DI
Karly Keating - Northwestern University DI
Sophia Buzelis - Furman University DI
Alyssa Niles - American University DI
Annie Haley - Arizona State University DI
Tate Stokesberry - Arizona State University DI
Jane Durkin - Central Michigan University DI
Cici Roney - Lewis University DII
Sema Hasanof - Grand Valley State University DII
Ellie Bernard - Grand Valley State University DII
Evelyn Moss - Seton Hill University DII
Sydney Centeno - Davenport University DII
Caroline Finn - Florida Institute of Technology DII
Emily Dill - St. Ambrose University NAIA
Lisa Boehmer - Renssalaer Polytechnic Institute DIII
Elizabeth Rymarcsuk - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII
Elise Hetzel - University of Wisconsin - La Crosse DIII
Cassandra Baraks - Elmhurst University DIII
Calliope Saban - Lake Forest College DIII
Hena Koebrl - California Lutheran University DIII
Sophie Bouck - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII
Paige Palermo - Concordia University - Chicago DIII
Emma Cho - Occidental College DIII
Mallory Mills - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII

2020 Commitments

Jacqui Glassey - University of Akron DI
Cate Duhig - Arizona State University DI
Lauren Conduitt - University of Maryland Baltimore County DI
Olivia Moorman - Central Michigan University DI
Maddie Kosir - Central Michigan University DI
Audrey Moran - University of Indianapolis DII
Isabella Taylor - Lewis University DII
Chiara Hurd - Lewis University DII
Brooke Borchardt - Augustana College DIII
Hannah Trousdale - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII
Regan Merkin - University of Rochester DIII
Julia Demotte - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII

2019 Commitments

Shaye Fitzpatrick - Duke University DI
Katie Haley - University of Colorado Boulder DI
Morgan MacDonald - Kennesaw State University DI
Sophie Sorenson - University of Connecticut DI
Kate Mongold - University of Northern Michigan DII
Audrey Warner - Concordia University, St. Paul DII
Camilla Lysek - Concordia University, St. Paul DII
Skylar Lucich - Lewis University DII
Brenda Anderson - U.S. Coast Guard Academy DIII
Rebecca Rymarcsuk - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII
Sarah Gleason - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII
Valeria Villanueva - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII

2018 Commitments

Emily Campanelli - University of Delaware DI
Issy Torres - University of New Hampshire DI
Raegan Woolwine - Saint Francis University DI
Lauren Katayama - UMass Lowell DI
Anna Platou - University of Cincinnati DI
Kara Antonucci - Arizona State University DI
Saylor Nelson - Cal Poly DI
Lally Johnson - University of Chicago DIII
Kerry O'Malley - University of Chicago DIII
Abbey Pouba - University of Chicago DIII
Jayne Gelman - Kenyon College DIII
Sophie Grabowski - John Carroll University DIII
Brookelynn Stone - University of Indianapolis DIII
Katie Zarembski - Northern Michigan DIII
Reese Groshe - Aurora University DIII
Nina Deer - Cornell College DIII
Carlee Kernodle - Marietta College DIII
Maddie Leers - Marietta College DIII
Melanie Brown - Keiser University NAIA

2017 Commitments

Riley Doyle-Odenbach - Florida Institute of Technology DII
Mackenzie Turner - Colorado State University-Pueblo DII
Alee Barrera - Colorado State University-Pueblo DII
Maggie Torres - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII
Abby Lodge - Illinois Wesleyan University DIII
Riley Rooney - DePauw University DIII
Belle Coffey - Bard College DIII
Elizabeth Baeder - Siena Heights University NAIA

2016 Commitments

Taylor Lores - Butler University DI
Nora Byrne - Butler University DI
Hannah Fleckenstein - Butler University DI
Elizabeth Filley - Central Michigan University DI
Kim Turner - Colorado State University-Pueblo DII
Julia Strtak - Gannon University DII
Emma Haley - Seton Hill DII
Kelly Melin - Tufts University DIII
Bridget Silveira - Swarthmore College DIII
Sloane Baumgartner - Ohio Wesleyan DIII
Loriel Miller - Aurora University DIII
Annie Price - Pomona College DIII
DeAnna Maasarani - Marian University NAIA

2015 Commitments

Anne Richter - Unites States Naval Academy DI
Julie Ball - University of Richmond DI
Grace Hemmer - University of Michigan DI
Jenny Thompson - Coastal Carolina University DI
Carly Shisler - Grand Valley State DII
Alyssa Anderson - Tiffin University DII
Irene Carlquist - University of Indianapolis DII
Emily Carothers - Trinity College DIII
Lauren English - Pomona College DIII
Elizabeth Gaudio - Rhodes College DIII
Abby Leers - North Central College DIII
Samantha Bidlack - Illinois Wesleyan DIII
Claudia Richman - Illinois Wesleyan DIII
Lindsay Schwartz - Whitman College DIII

2014 Commitments

Victoria Wolsky - St. Mary's College of California DI
Becca Whitehead - Mercyhurst DII
Adrienne Kihn - Grand Valley State University DII
Eden Olson - Seton Hill DII
Casey Korb - University of Findlay DII
Lizzie Darrow - Mckendree University DII
Dana Dipasquale - Mckendree University DII
Becky Salamon - Fort Lewis College DII
Katie Tooley - Rhodes College DIII
Taylor Arcivar - Aurora University DIII

2013 Commitments

Claire McCain - University of Colorado Boulder DI
Maggie Del Vecchio - Augustana College DIII
Hanna Gobeille - Augustana College DIII
Shannon Smith - Augustana College DIII