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Girls Summer Tryouts


True Girls is excited to announce our winter tryout dates for Summer 2021. We are building on the momentum of the fall and winter are looking forward to providing girls with the best possible training to help them reach their goals and become their best.

When you play for True Girls, you are getting more training hours under the instruction of professional, experienced coaches; you have access to top tournaments, resulting in more opportunities to be seen by college coaches; our vast experience in the recruiting process and positive working relationships with nearly every college coach in the country means you’ll get thorough guidance every step of the way to ensure you find a school that is the best fit for you.

Ultimately, our goal is to develop the whole person, both on and off the field. We recognize the positive impact sports and being on a team can have on young people, and we want to provide every True Girl with an experience that will serve her well long after she leaves the lacrosse field. We are instilling important lessons, including responsibility, teamwork, confidence, and respect, that will remain with them as they enter adulthood.

We invite all interested girls to register today for our True Girls 2021 Summer Tryouts.

Summer 2021 True IL Girls Team Opportunities

State Teams
Practices: Lombard*
2022 State, 2023 State, 2024 State, 2025 State, 2026 State, U12

Chicago Regional Teams
Practices: Chicago (Logan Square)**
Chicago Black, Chicago Green, Chicago U14, Chicago U12

Northwest Regional Teams
Practices: Palatine*
Northwest Black, Northwest Ivory, Northwest Green, Northwest U14

Southside Regional Teams
Practices: Lockport*
South Onyx, South White

West Regional Teams
Practices: Naperville*
West 2022, West Silver, West Grey, West U14, West U12

*Location subject to change

Summer 2021 Team Tryouts

Sunday April 25, 2020

12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

True Lacrosse Facility
120 Eisenhower Ln N
Lombard, IL 60148