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True Lacrosse Guidance Program

True Guidance

In an effort to provide players with even more positive role models and guidance throughout their youth and high school years, True Lacrosse is proud to announce it has founded the True Guidance Program.

This program is designed to offer players additional support from a coach at True who can help them navigate issues in lacrosse, school, and life. Young men cannot have enough positive influences as they grow up, and the True Guidance program is another way to bring players together with adults who have been where they are as student athletes.


How does it work?


Each director and coach at True Lacrosse will be assigned 40 players in the True program and will serve as those players’ guidance counselor. Players will get a call twice each month from their guidance counselor to check in on how the player is doing in his academics, community service, his progress on the field, social life, and more. They will also meet twice a year one-on-one to talk about how the player is doing in all aspects of his life as well as in his lacrosse development.

This is just another way True remains committed to developing players both on and off the field.