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IL HS Mid Season Progress Report

By True Lacrosse, 05/02/18, 10:00PM CDT


The playoffs are coming soon, let’s see who is in line for a postseason run.  All records are based off of Team records include local and national games.  I have also included the preseason ranking (PSR #) to see how my predictions panned out.

  1. New Trier, 12-2 (PSR #1)
    Was it an upset or was it supposed to happen? Regardless, NT won the crosstown battle vs Loyola on Tuesday.  Will they do it later in the season when it counts? Most of NT’s top players are still young.

  2. Loyola, 12-2  (PSR #2)
    The loss to NT is not going to move them down on the list very far.  Loyola, has big wins against national east coast competition including Georgetown Prep and Victor.  The rumor on the street, is that Loyola was apparently saving themselves for the playoffs. Downplaying the biggest rivalry in IL lacrosse to get an edge for the playoffs???  Sounds like an excuse to me.

  3. Glenbard West, 15-2 (PSR #4)
    Their win verse  Neuqua this week pushed them up in the rankings.  They could finish out the rest of the season undefeated based on the rest of their schedule.  They want it this year, and have players in every position to get it done.

  4. Neuqua Valley, 12-1 (PSR #5)
    Neuqua lost their mojo this past week with a loss to GBW.  I have had multiple people say they are the team to watch out for.  Their schedule has been pretty soft this entire season. They are also in line to finish out undefeated.

  5. St. Viator, 10-2 (PSR #3)
    Two losses this year include Loyola and Neuqua.  Viator will be traveling to Michigan later in the season to get prepared for the playoffs.  They are not concerned about the early losses. I expect a strong playoff run at the end of the month.

  6. Grayslake North, 10-3 (PSR #9)
    Grayslake has two losses this spring to Viator and GBW.  Their end of the season schedule is rough with games verse NT, Loyola and Carmel from IN.  I definitely expect to see them make it deep in the playoffs. Even though they are not in the top 5, they are one of the top teams in the state.

  7. Lake Forest, 6-4 (PSR #7)
    Tough early season losses to Grayslake North, New Trier and recently Culver Academy, has lowered LF ranking.  Unfortunately, their schedule does not get any easier with games against Loyola and St. Xavier from OH. I am really interested to see how they do against Warren Township at the end of the season.  Even though Grayslake is probably going to win the conference, Lake Forest does not want to miss out on a good postseason ranking for the playoffs.

  8. Hinsdale Central, 9-4 (PSR #6)
    The Red Devils only losses to IL opponents were to GBW and LT.  They don't have any tough games before the playoffs so they should finish the regular season without any more losses.

  9. Lyons Township, 8-4 (PSR #8)
    Their record does not show it, but this team could do some serious damage in the postseason.  Their starting 10 are all studs but are susceptible to injuries and penalties. Big game vs Viator at the end of the season will solidify their end of season ranking.

T 10.  Warren Township, 9-1 (PSR Unranked)
Great record but no big games.  Their toughest game of the season was against Grayslake North which is their only loss.  Their game vs LF at the end of the season could change their post season ranking before the playoffs.

T 10.  Lincoln Way, 12-1 (PSR Unranked)
This team has been averaging 13 goals a game but don’t play any of the teams ranked above them until the last game of the season.  Their 12-1 record is impressive but some of the wins were against a few teams that have not won a game all year. They are going to win the conference which will help kick start their playoff run.