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True Lacrosse North Carolina

Announcing True Lacrosse North Carolina

True Lacrosse is pleased to announce it has merged with Bucktown Lacrosse to create the True Lacrosse North Carolina program, effective immediately. Since its founding in 2008, True Lacrosse has grown to host programs in over 15 states, training and developing boys and girls across the country and helping hundreds of players continue their careers in college.

The True Method provides a comprehensive approach to establish a firm foundation for players to grow their game: more training hours, professional coaching, elite tournaments, and thorough recruiting guidance are the cornerstones of the True experience. True Lacrosse is excited to build on what Bucktown Lacrosse has created and continue to provide the North Carolina lacrosse community with excellent training, instruction, and even more opportunities for competition and national exposure.

Bucktown Lacrosse Founder Alex Buckley said, “True Lacrosse has established itself as one of the premier clubs in the country. By merging with True Lacrosse to create True North Carolina, our players will get to train with a local program while having access to convenient opportunities to tryout and compete for national teams. Additionally, True’s resources and infrastructure will allow us to provide an exceptional product for our players. I have always operated Bucktown Lacrosse with my players’ best interests at heart, and I believe merging with True Lacrosse is consistent with that ideology.”

Jake Deane, co-founder and owner of True Lacrosse, is thrilled to bring the True experience to North Carolina. “We have great respect and admiration for all Alex Buckley and his team have accomplished with Bucktown Lacrosse,” Deane said. “He is a long-standing authority in the game and has built a successful program. We are excited to partner with Alex to create True North Carolina, as we see tremendous potential in that area for continued growth and to offer our breadth of additional training opportunities to all interested players.”

True Lacrosse North Carolina will kick off with its first ever tryouts on December 12th. These tryouts are open to boys of all ages and abilities. Please visit our website for more information and to register.

True Lacrosse is committed to the education and development of young men and women in the sport of lacrosse. Our mission is to provide the most comprehensive training and experience to create exceptional athletes, while instilling confidence, integrity, and leadership skills they can employ both on and off the field.