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Summer League

This summer, True Lacrosse will host a summer league for True Lacrosse players only to guarantee the best competition and better training for participants. Just as it has in years past, the True Summer League will emphasize skill development in the context of real game situations and scenarios to teach players how to think on their feet and apply these skills in action. All True players will be split up and drafted to even teams to allow for better competition. 

True’s premier coaching staff will be on site every week for summer league games and skill sessions. Every True Lacrosse coach has extensive playing experience, has played in college, and has a passion for the sport; additionally, our coaches are highly trained and equipped to teach the game.

Take advantage of yet one more opportunity True provides its players to get the best education and training in the game. The True Summer League will be a fun way to continue developing your skills and compete in exciting game with your True teammates!