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Girls Presidents' Day Clinic

February 19th
120 N. Eisenhower Lane
Lombard, IL 60148
Intermediate- Advanced
*No Beginners
Graduation Years:
1 Session:  $30
2 Sessions: $40
3 Sessions: $50
4 Sessions: $60

True Lacrosse Girl's Presidents' Day Clinic

Secure your spot today at our 2018 Presidents' Day Clinic! 

Ready to take your game to the next level? We are offering 4 hours of intensive clinics that will focus on all areas of the game.

10-11AM: On The Circle: Players will work on the different types of draws and how to beat their competitor.

11AM-12PM: Own The Crease- Working on different crease roll scenario along with timing and placement of X feeds. 

12-1PM: Checking- Players will learn how to properly check, when do use it, and what to do after. 

1-2PM: Advanced Stick work & Dodging- Focus on improving ball handling ability, and getting comfortable being uncomfortable.