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Girls Holiday Clinics

December 26th, 27th, 28th
11AM- 2PM
True Lacrosse Facility
131 N Eisenhower Ln.
Lombard, IL 60148


The Art of Drawing 
December 26th, Tuesday
This clinic is designed for players who take the draw. Players will work on wrist strength, controlling the ball in pressure, self-draw technique, proper pushing and pulling form, and utilizing your draw team.


1v1 Battle 
December 26th, Tuesday
This clinic is designed for both offense and defense, players will go through a series of drills to learn all aspects of 1v1’s.
Offense: strong dodges to change, north/south movement, getting your hands free, protecting the ball, finishing
Defense: proper defensive positioning,  strong body defense, east/west movement, forcing attacker to take a low angle shot


Defense is an Attitude 
December 26th, Tuesday
1-2 PM
This clinic is designed for all positions, players will learn every aspect of defense--footwork, proper on ball and off ball techniques, groundballs, and turning your attacker into the slide.


Dodging with a Purpose 
December 27th, Wednesday
Players will work on all dodges from basic dodges to the most creative ones in the book! Come learn the face dodge, rocker dodge, split dodge, roll dodge, sproll dodge, and the sprocker dodge.


Pipe City 
December 27th, Wednesday
This clinic is designed for anyone who is looking to tune up their shooting. Players will work on finishing in close, finishing from a low angle, power shots, and crease shots.


True Goalie School 
December 27th, Wednesday
Calling all Goalies! This clinic is designed specifically for goalies to work on footwork, angles, seeing ball, and clears.


Grip it and Rip it
December 28th, Thursday
Players will run through a series of drills to perfect their shots. Players will work on fakes, shots from different angles, and power versus placement.


Hungry Hungry Hippo 
December 28th, Thursday
Players will run through a series of drills where they will learn to properly pick up a groundball , boxing out, protection under pressure, and releasing the groundball safely.


Two is Better than One 
December 28th, Thursday
Lacrosse is all about the two-man game! Players will learn Two-man concepts, effectively opening up your partner, and crease team work.


1 Session: $30

2 Sessions: $60

3 Sessions: $85

4 Sessions: $110

5 Sessions: $135

6 Sessions: $155

7 Sessions: $175

8 Sessions: $195

9 Sessions: $215