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TRUE PA GIRLS TRAVEL TEAM 2014-Parent Testimonial

"In case we don’t see you til fall, I just wanted to thank you and True Lax for the awesome experience my daughter had this summer.  She absolutely loved the whole experience.  The coaches were great, the tournaments
were well planned and FUN, and most of all her teammates were the best ever.  She had the “BEST SUMMER EVER”.

WE have done other Pittsburgh teams in the past, and I always heard comments about team mates, coaches etc.  It goes in one ear and out the other,  but she had nothing but good to say about everything and everyone. The coaches were tough, but encouraging and took the time to teach and correct with good correction and helpfulness, just not tearing down.  The teammates really seemed to gel. They did so much with each other the entire summer, and will be friends for life.  I really think the whole concept of traveling/eating/practicing year round together really made this whole experience outshine anything else we had ever been in.  I'm sorry that my daughter will be a senior this year and can’t take part in True next year, but we will surely remember fondly her time spent this summer of 2014.
Thanks again.

I will highly recommend TRUE to anyone and everyone!!!

-Malena, True PA Girls 2015 Team parent

True Lacrosse Testimonials

“I’ve been playing lacrosse for eight years and have had some pretty good coaches in the past, but no one has elevated my game the way Mike and Jake at True Lacrosse have. They have an amazing ability to diagnose what you’re lacking as a player and correct it. No other coach has really been able to do that for me before. The coaches I’ve had in the past have been quick to tell me what I’m doing wrong, but had no idea how to fix the problem. Jake and Mike are so knowledgeable about the game and every aspect of lacrosse. Not only are they able to tell a player how to advance their game, they are out there on the field showing us exactly how to do it.

"True Lacrosse has also opened up so many opportunities for me as a player. From the UPLAX tournament in Maryland to the Chicago Machine Combine, the opportunities they have given us are awesome. I am receiving letters from college coaches who saw me at a True Lacrosse event almost daily. No high school program in this area can give a player that kind of exposure. With True Lacrosse training players in the Midwest, it will be no time before we will be the driving force of D1 lacrosse.”

-Matt, Illinois high school player

"Coach Gabel's passion for lacrosse is apparent in his fun and effective approach to teaching the game. As an experienced professional player, Gabel knows the game inside and out and is great at sharing what he has learned to the kids he coaches. His enthusiasm for teaching lacrosse is unparalleled and Gabel's love for the game spreads to every kid he teaches."

-Connor Redmond

Parent Reviews For Chicago Showcase

“This is the fourth request/invitation Dave has received in a week. Thanks for giving him the stage to attract schools that meet his academic needs.”

-Carol Largey, parent of True Illinois player

“Thanks for putting on a terrific event this weekend. My son, Ian, had a terrific time playing with and against the top notch talent assembled. With his team winning the tourney, he was especially thrilled. I was extremely impressed with the organization and pacing of the event. Finally, kudos to all the referees. I appreciated their professionalism, by controlling the games and allowing the guys to play aggressively within the rules. They made it a pleasure to watch all the games.”

-Jeff Calder, parent of True Wisconsin player

College Coaches Review of Chicago Showcase

“This was my second year at the Chicago Showcase, and the talent rivals, if not exceeds, other recruiting camps I’ve attended. We are excited about the possibility of having a number of highly skilled players from this showcase join our program in the future. True Lacrosse continues to put on an amazing event.”

-Coach Sciamanna, Endicott