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Rip the Duck Open Team

True Lacrosse Open Team for Rip the Duck

Want to play in the Midwest's biggest and most competitive youth lacrosse tournament this spring?

Want to attend a D1 men's lacrosse game?

Want to join thousands of other youth lacrosse players for a fun weekend of lacrosse? 

If your youth team isn't going to Rip the Duck this spring, you can come with us, because True Lacrosse is! 

True Lacrosse will host a U9, U11, U13, and U15 teams at the 2017 Rip the Duck Tournament. These teams are open to anyone who is interested in competing in this tournament but doesn't have a team on which to play. 

Rip the Duck is the Midwest's largest youth lacrosse tournament of the spring season. When you enter Rip the Duck, each team gets tickets to watch a Notre Dame men's lacrosse game! This year, all of the teams at Rip the Duck get to go to the Notre Dame vs. UNC game! Not to be missed! 

True Lacrosse coaches will coach these teams, so you know you're getting the very best instruction and training at the tournament. 

*If you are already on a team that will attend Rip the Duck this year, you are not eligible to play on the True open teams. 

Join us for some fun, friendly competition at Rip the Duck! Register to compete with one of our teams! 

The Registration "Rip the Duck Open Team" is not currently available.

Rip the Duck Open Teams

April 22nd-23rd

Jr. Irish Soccer Fields
South Bend, IN

U9, U11, U13, U15


The Registration "Rip the Duck Open Team" is not currently available.