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True Lacrosse Mentorship Program

The True Mentorship Program

The True Mentorship Program was founded in 2015 and is available to all middle school-aged players. It is designed to offer our young players additional guidance and leadership throughout their tenure with True.

The Mentorship Program pairs high school players with middle school players; the high school players will serve as mentors to the younger players, offering advice and information on what it takes to be successful student athletes in high school, what to expect as they continue to pursue their lacrosse careers, and to help them set realistic goals. Our high school players will serve as role models for their younger counterparts, giving them the opportunity to teach, lead, and benefit from a strong sense of self and purpose.

The first step to understanding how to lead is to first understand how to follow. Our high school players have been through the True program themselves and will lead the way for future generations of True Lacrosse players to continue this legacy of leadership, brotherhood, and service.

We believe the True Mentorship Program is enriching for everyone involved. It will be a vital resource for older players to learn important leadership skills as they prepare for college and beyond, while younger players will get an education and experience about the next steps in their education and athletic careers from young men who have been in their shoes. This is just another way we are promoting the growth and development of our players both on and off the field.

We encourage parents to get involved in this process, too! Parents who are new to club lacrosse can be inundated with a lot of information. Just as our young players can learn from the older guys, we want parents who are new to the program to have extra guidance and support from parents who have learned about the process through their own experience. 

Cam Weldon, 2019 State, mentor to Aiden Roessler, U13 West